Casey Rose Shevin


When you are facing divorce or family conflict, you need an adviser who can help you make smart decisions during an emotionally difficult time.  As a matrimonial and family law attorney, I understand that divorce and custody disputes can be completely overwhelming.  Because I appreciate the impact the legal process has on you and your family my approach as a lawyer is a compassionate one.

I became a lawyer to help families solve their problems. In my experience, the litigation process too often exacerbates the very problems we want to solve. The courtroom is inherently adversarial  - producing “winners” and “losers” at great financial and emotional expense to both sides. As more dollars are spent, each side becomes less willing to compromise.  For some divorcing partners, litigation is the only process that makes sense - but those circumstances are rare.  I help my clients approach divorce as former partners facing a shared problem, rather than adversaries. 

I founded Family Centered Law and Mediation to offer a less stressful and more cost effective approach to divorce and custody.  I focus my time and energy (and my client’s money) on reaching a settlement that makes sense for themselves and their family. 

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for everything you've done to help me get through the most painful experience of my life. You were, throughout, the perfect blend of sensitivity and strength, sharp advisor and understanding counselor.” - Bob, Divorce Client

“Because of you I can live, I can be a great mom to my child and enjoy motherhood! You helped me get my life back and that is something I will forever be grateful for.”  - Abbie, Custody Client 

Education: Georgetown University Law Center, JD

Admitted to Practice: New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

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