Begin With a Single Step

Divorce is HARD. Your life is upended, stress takes hold and suddenly you're struggling to keep up with your normal to-do list, let alone the daunting divorce to-do list. Hiring the right divorce professional to guide you through your journey is CRITICAL. The divorce attorney or mediator you hire should help reduce your stress, not add to it - you need someone who will turn chaos into clarity. 

A Single Step

Your divorce professional should break the process down for you step-by-step so you can visualize whats coming and when you'll get to the finish line. 

Your divorce professional should be realistic with you, which will help you sort through the decisions before you, prioritizing the things that are truly important. 

Your divorce professional should keep you organized and focused on the discrete task in front of you - when you are guided through the process efficiently you save time, money and stress.

The professional you hire should utilize modern technology to streamline the process. At Family Centered Law & Mediation we offer each client a secure portal log-in to a customized site where they can access all of their divorce related documents, calendar important deadlines, and stay on top of upcoming to-dos.

As a divorce attorney and mediator I know I provide more than just a legal service. I'm a divorce sherpa, guiding my clients to the top of the mountain one step at a time - It's not only my chosen profession, it's my calling. 

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